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Posted on March 1, 2012 at 11:15 AM


While translating on site, we come across many innovating items. However, in translating their manuals, we often wonder if foreigners will be able to understand and use the items based on the manual. This is because new items contain difficult terms and jargons. If a seller meets with a buyer in person to explain about their new item, then it will be easy to convince the buyer. However, having a contract to export the items by convincing the buyer in person is totally different from translating the manual that is required at the time of the export.

In order to translate the manual properly, it is imperative to provide pictures for the translators. Although it requires more work, please do not neglect to provide pictures. Unfortunately, in some cases,  even pictures do not provide proper words of description. In such cases, leave the term as is and just provide extra explanation. This will enhance the translation.

Don’t forget that in order to stay in the exporting business, having a well translated manual is essential.

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