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Affordable Price and Cheap Price

Posted on March 18, 2012 at 10:10 PM


What is affordable and cheap must be distinguished.

In a Korean proverb, there is a saying that “What is cheap is biji-dduk.” Here, “biji-dduk” is a mochi that is not well made. This proverb is warning that if you buy something because it is cheap, there is bound to be some kind of a defect. This is relevant to translation, too. Although it is natural for customers to seek lower priced service, if you give your work to a company just because they are cheap, you may be faced with some problems. People may not notice in the beginning but ultimately your mistranslated work will catch up with you and cause you to lose your customers. This would not have been a good choice.

When we translate on site, we often come across critical errors. At a first glance, there doesn’t seem to be anything wrong but as we continue to read, we discover errors that are scattered all over. Because Korean and European languages are different in their composition, we often find the icons of the manual in wrong places. In other words, translator who worked for a cheap pay did not do accurate work and what little you may have saved in translation may cost you your customers’ trust.

Finding a good quality translation for an affordable price is the shortcut to getting the competitive edge for your company.

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