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Daily / Rush Customers


If you want your assignment done today or if you think you are in a rush compared to your desired turnaround time and volume, we are here to address it with our best efforts.

Please understand that daily/rush projects cost slightly more than our regular projects. Receive your fair estimate now!



Privileged Customers


Translation business requires quick turnaround time. Decreasing the turnaround time works toward the competitiveness of the business as well as meeting the needs of the customers.


In addition, there are many cases where both the customer and the translator suffer because of the shortness of the document needing translation. Even if the document is short, it cannot be taken lightly because without the translation, it cannot be a complete product or service. However, ... more



I have a Korean Document...


Do you have a Korean document? There is a great possibility that your Korean document contains a difficult content. Reflecting on our 10 years of experience, Korean documents needing translation were mostly difficult and professional documents.

Sentencing document, an evidentiary document, litigation document, patent document, technological manual are some examples. Here is the solution/!  More...