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Editing / Proofreading


You already have a document translated, but you may want to make sure its quality. 

We can help you with editing and proofreading like the sample below:


 <Sample 1>



<Sample 2>



 We can upgrade the quality from 85% perfection to 95%-99%. The percent point is about 10, but the difference is between acceptability and failure. You will be saved from failure to acceptability and success.  More...




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Glossary, Copywriting, Tagline


Establishing clear glossary is a very important factor in translation work. Although some may seem to have translated well, if the translator does not use the words with consistency, it will confuse the readers and result in imperfect translation service.


Creating glossary is a difficult task which requires much patience. Such patience requires much thought, search, comparing, and knowledge. It is a mistake to think that one can create a glossary just by referring to a dictionary. Because language expresses differences in culture, one must work toward filling in the cultural gaps in the language.


Kortrans has glossaries for various fields based on our many years of experience and continues to build the glossary with all of our projects. 


If you want to get a glossary for big projects, desire to establish glossary, or check out an already established glossary, we can help you! Please contact us today!