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Do you have a Korean document? There is a great possibility that your Korean document contains a difficult content. Reflecting on our 10 years of experience, Korean documents needing translation were mostly difficult and professional documents.


Sentencing document, an evidentiary document, litigation document, patent document, technological manual are some examples.


Here is the solution.

First, it is imperative to fully comprehend such difficult and professional documents. You must understand that such difficult documents are hard to comprehend even for the Koreans. In order to comprehend and translate such documents, the translator has to have professional knowledge by completing either college or graduate school in Korea.


Second, translating such document into English requires long years of experience. We hire translators who have completed college or graduate school in Korea with many years of experience in translating work.


Below are some samples we usually translate.



    <Terms and Conditions - Insurance>

   <Articles of Association - Bank>





    <Family Register>


    <Marriage Relation Certificate>


    <Business Registration Certificate>


    <Corporate Registration>








    <Quality Test>


    <Business Plan>


   <Ginseng Export Agreement>