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Translation business requires quick turnaround time. Decreasing the turnaround time works toward the competitiveness of the business as well as meeting the needs of the customers.


In addition, there are many cases where both the customer and the translator suffer because of the shortness of the document needing translation. Even if the document is short, it cannot be taken lightly because without the translation, it cannot be a complete product or service. 


However, from the translator’s point of view, even if the document is short, it is still a whole project. This is because there is a basic required time that is needed to accept, record, process, and save each project. Therefore, even if the document is less than 1 page, it still requires the minimal time that is required for all projects.


Through consistent business with us, if your become our privileged customers, you receive the benefit of priority in payment date and lowest price. For example, even if the payment is urgent, your project will receive priority and you will be quoted the lowest price for short documents.


Furthermore, you can make deferred payments and with accumulated mileage, you may even receive discounts.


You can become our Privileged Customer even if this is your first visit so please contact us!